Floating Lantern Matsuri

A glowing flotilla of love and peace

Send your message out to the universe in one of the most symbolic ways possible at The Floating Lantern Matsuri. Whatever your message is, watch it float in glowing unison with all the other messages into the sunset.

The Floating Lantern Matsuri embraces everything about life, love, peace and friendship, providing you with a chance to get your thoughts down in writing and gently send them off onto destinations unknown. Whether your message is personal in memory of a lost loved one, a wish, a prayer or general words of encouragement and happiness for the world – put it on a lantern and watch it commence it’s peaceful, glowing journey on the evening tide.

When: Friday 31st August 2018
Time: 4.30pm
Where: Gantheaume point
Price: Free to attend
Lantern Kits: $ 15
VIP Ticket: $99 (single)
VIP Ticket Special: $90 each when purchasing 2 or more

Online purchases will close on 20 August (if not sold out prior)

Lantern Kits will be available to purchase at the Information Booth during Shinju Matsuri.


VIP Tickets will include your lantern kit, free flowing drinks and canapes aswell as comfortable seating as you relax, listen to music and watch the sunset before and after sending your floating lantern message out to sea.


Purchase your lantern kit during the festival at the Shinju Matsuri info booth located in The Roey carpark.

Decorate your lantern at home or at on the day at Gantheaume Point.

Drop your lantern off at the Info Booth by 11am Friday 31st August or bring it with you to Gantheaume Point.

Lanterns will set sail at sunset and we encourage you to bring your swimming gear as there’s a possibility of getting a bit wet when launching your lanterns into the water. Make a lovely evening of it and bring a picnic or take advantage of our VIP tickets to make this sunset experience even more memorable.

Environmental Considerations

We love how beautiful and clean Broome’s coast is and we want to keep it that way!

Once the lanterns have floated into the sunset and you return back to enjoy your picnics or VIP entertainment, the Shinju team are hard at work making sure no lanterns are left astray to float out and pollute the ocean. Boats, barriers and Shinju swimmers ensure each lantern is collected. Help us keep the beach beautiful and remember to pick up your picnic left overs and wrapping.

Please consider the environment when decorating your lanterns at home. While we do recover the lanterns we advise against using glitter or non water-soluble paints that may make their way into the ocean.

Access to Gantheaume Point

For the safety of all patrons, no public vehicle access will be allowed on Gantheaume Point Beach during the Floating Lantern Matsuri. A FREE shuttle bus service will be available from Cable Beach to Gantheaume Point Beach will be provided by Broome Explorer Bus:

To Gantheaume Point: 
Bus 1 -3:30pm Cable Beach Club Resort – Turf Club Car Park – Gantheaume Point
Bus 2 -3.55pm  Cable Beach Club Resort – Turf Club Car Park – Gantheaume Point
Bus 3 -4:20pm Cable Beach Club Resort – Turf Club Car Park – Gantheaume Point

Bus 1 -6:30pm Gantheaume Point – Turf Club Car Park – Cable Beach Club Resort
Bus 2 -6:45pm Gantheaume Point – Turf Club Car Park – Cable Beach Club Resort
Bus 3 -7:00pm Gantheaume Point – Turf Club Car Park –Cable Beach Club Resort

Floating Lantern Matsuri Purchase Form

Tickets to the VIP area of the Floating Lantern Matsuri are now SOLD OUT! You can still buy your lantern at the event or at the Shinju Matsuri Information Booth during the festival.

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